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Those Who Warn Against Those Known For Salafiyyah Speak From Their Desires

March 2nd, 2016
Shaykh Abu Abdil-'Alaa Khaalid Ibn Muhammad Uthmaan al-Misree (hafithahullah)
Translated 20th of Jamaadul Awwal 1437.
Nasir Abu Abi Bakr Al Hanbali

I (Nasr Abu Abi Bakr) just spoke to Shaykh Khalid today (2/29/16). I asked him is it permissible to warn against a Salafi who's known for Salafiyyah, who defends Salafiyyah and is known to the Scholars for it?

Answer: By Allah, tell this one to fear Allah and that it is not permissible. If he speaks like this, then he is speaking from his desires. Tell him to fear Allah!