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We Should Be Active In Calling To The Creed Of The Salaf

Shaykh Sulymaan Ar-Ruhayli stated

It is obligatory upon us to clarify the creed of the Salaf. We should be active (in this matter) and not lazy. Indeed the people of falsehood today are active in spreading their falsehood which opposes the consensus of the Salaf in creed and worship. It is obligatory upon us that we clarify this creed. We have to clarify that is the (creed) which the scholars of the pass traversed upon, those scholars of Islam. We must clarify the mistake of those (individuals) who opposed the creed of the Salaf from the standpoint of proofs and (showing) their opposition to the consensus of the righteous predecessors (may Allah be pleased with them). These are from the affairs of great importance that we must give concern to, and we should be active in doing this.