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Shaikh Hasan Al Banna on Shaikh Khaalid's Advice to the Callers of America & Britain

Mahmood the Libyan read to me [Shaykh Hasan Al-Banna] the treatise which the noble brother Shaykh Khalid Ibn Muhammad Uthman, the Salafi caller to Islam wrote. May Allah bless him and reward him.

I'm pleased with what it contains from the legislated matters that are backed and supported with evidences, as the people of knowledge have stated that it is a must that we have knowledge of al-Islam, al-Imaan and al-Ihsaan, and it is a must that we have knowledge of our Lord and The Messenger ﷺ with evidences.

The noble brother—may Allah reward him—made every effort in establishing authentic narrations for his speech. This is the affair of the people of sunnah, may Allah make us and you from amongst them.

This is generally [speaking], however specifically I would like to see this statement written down as an addition—if Allah wills—to support that which the noble brother is saying, in order that [his speech is strengthened] and the people are affected by way of it.

I ask my Lord to grant me success in that—[to] write down on the already written treatise [by Shaykh Khalid] some points in support of the truth. This will be good and better—may Allah reward him.

If it is not easy for him, then may Allah reward him for this good treatise. I ask Allah to grant him success and protect him from error.

I advise those whom (Shaykh Khalid's) speech is directed towards to fear Allah in public and private because this is a great trust. The people of Sunnah don't adorn themselves except with the manners of the people of Sunnah. If they have said this speech without established proofs and evidences from the Qur'an and Sunnah, and without a detailed criticism about the one whom they see has oppositions, then in that case, they do not have the truth with them.

We are not saying this out of a bias nor partisanship to our brother, however we say this in defense of the Manhaj of the people of Sunnah and the Jama'ah. This is the life of a person in his religion and worldly life.

So then how have some of the Muslims fallen short in this affair, speaking with speech which contains defamation and malign towards their Salafi brothers?!

Don't forget, [O] brothers, all of you, we are not saying this speech merely upon its face value. Rather we have superiors and notables (who proceeded us), from the well known Salafi major scholars.

At the head of them: Shaykh Rabee Ibn Hadi al-Madkhali, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabri and all of their brothers. [Also] names that I do or don't remember. This includes all of the brothers who are with them and support their speech.

These are the khalaf (successors) of the noble companions not the khalaf that negate the attributes (of Allah) nor are they the khalaf that attack the religion. They are only the khalaf to the best of the salaf, the best of the khalaf to the best of the salaf. The first of the salaf being the companions and then those who followed them in goodness.

[When] we—and all praise be to Allah—are shown the speech of our scholars and our brothers which is backed by evidences, then we do not oppose anything from it.

This is because we know that they adhere to the evidences in their book and that they adhere to the statements of the scholars. So then what do we say to them after that? How can we attack them for that? How do we then listen to the speech of the people attacking them?

Injustice to your brother is an injustice to you and also an injustice to the people of [the correct] Minhaj.

O people of Islam—may Allah reward you—do not speak with speech void of principles!

O those who criticize the Salafiyeen: we have certainty with Allah then in ourselves because we are traversing upon a light from Allah and guidance from Allah.

Allah is with us, then the pure and sincere people of Sunnah are [with us]. A person is not in need of doubting us nor making us doubt in that which we are upon.

We are firm and upon certainty regarding that, upon evidences from the Book and the Sunnah and speech of the scholars.

What is after truth except misguidance? May Allah reward all of you.

I advice everybody with the Taqwa of Allah and to be in contact with your Salafi brothers in Egypt and other than Egypt so that you can be in agreement with one another upon firmness and principles. And that you are in agreement to not attack anyone from amongst the brothers except that he comes with his actual oppositions to (Salafiyyah) whist clarifying it with the evidences as a form of advice, not in the form of an attack nor defamation. May Allah reward all of you.

This is what I was given success to do (the advice). May Allah bless you all and may Allah reward you.

May the peace and blessings be upon the Muslims and may the peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah.

I would like to thank my noble brother Shaykh Khalid Bin Muhammad Uthman al-Misri for this pleasant treatise.

May Allah reward you.

Peace be upon you.

(One of the brothers asks the Shaykh to mention the date...)

The 7th of Ramadan 1437 after the Hijrah.