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The Obligation of Verifying, Deliberating, and Avoiding Recklessness in Issuing Labels Upon Others

August 4th, 2016
Shaykh Ṣāliḥ Bin Sa‘d As-Suḥaymy
Tanbeeh Thuwil Afhaam Pg.14
Hisham Abouzeid

Some have made a habit of hastening to issue verdicts against their brothers [i.e. labeling them] in a speculative manner that involves no deliberation nor verification. Perhaps one of them will issue a ruling with innovation, sinfulness, disbelief, and obligate the boycotting and removal from salafiyyah, and further to warn from some of the mashayikh (scholars) and salafi students of knowledge and that they should be deemed worthless [i.e. no knowledge should be taken from them, and their speech should be enitrely discarded] … Due to an ailment in his soul, or desires he is following that have overcome him, or envy that has encompassed his heart, or perhaps due to the narrations that he has heard from individuals that he thought were upright and trustworthy narrators but in reality they are mongers of fitnah and seekers of disunity.