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Boycotting Is Not The First Course Of Action

June 28th, 2016
Shaykh Rabī‘ bin Hādī bin ‘Umayr al-Madkhaly
al-Wasaaya al-Manhajiyyah li Muttabi' as-Sunna tin-Nabawiyyah (page 350-353)
Nasir Abu Abi Bakr Al Hanbali

Shaykh Rabī‘ bin Hādī bin ‘Umayr al-Madkhaly was asked...

Are the followers of the innovators to be coupled with [the innovators] in terms of boycotting?

The one who has been deceived from amongst them is to be taught. O brothers, do not be hasty. Teach them and clarify to them because many from amongst them want good. Even from amongst the Sufiyyah, by Allaah if there was some kind of Salafi drive [in Da'wah] then you would have seen them entering into Salafiyyah in droves.

The principle shouldn't be that you boycott, boycott, boycott only. Rather, the foundation is [preferring] guidance for the people, and entering them into goodness. This boycotting could have been understood mistakenly. If you were to boycott all of the people, who then will enter the Sunnah?

If we were to put up barriers and partitions between them and the Sunnah by way of boycotting, then when will they enter into the Sunnah?

Boycotting, -O brothers- at the time of Imaam Ahmad -the world was filled with Salafis-, [thus] if Ahmad had said Fulaan is an innovator then he would have fallen.As for right now Salafiyyah with you is like one white hair on a black bull (rare). One is not to be boycotted except an innovator, arrogant, stubborn individual. As for the deceived ones, then have patience with them, they [should be] called with wisdom and fair preaching; many of them by way of that will respond.

The foundation is (to want) guidance for the people and save them from falsehood and misguidance. Call them, bring them near, present to the people the books [of the Salaf], the knowledge based beneficial treatises and the knowledge based tapes. Utilize every legislated means for Da'wah, from sermons, lectures and as a result of that much good will be channeled if Allaah wills.

The body of the Salafis will then increase and you will not lose much of the people. Everybody not with you (i.e. in your opinion) is astray?! You don't advise? No clarification, or anything?! This is a mistake! This means you are blocking all avenues to goodness in the people's faces; so don't have with you only, 'boycott, boycott'. The FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE is guidance for the people and to bring them into the Sunnah and save them from misguidance.

This [should] be the principle with you, be patient, be gentle, and such and such. Thereafter whoever is stubborn after clear clarification [comes], then the last [type] of medicine is the cauterization [i.e. boycott].

As for cauterization from the very start, then this is an error -may Allaah bless you-.‎ Then let the principle be with you -O brothers- moving the people [from misguidance to guidance], by Allaah many of the people want good, they desire Paradise -O brothers- they desire good.

So then let your ways be wise. By Allaah let your methods [of Da'wah] be wise and merciful so [the one you are calling] doesn't feel like you are being haughty towards him, and that he doesn't feel as if you are insulting him. Humble yourself to him, be lenient towards him, be gentle with him and convey the Da'wah to him with wisdom. Many, many from the people [who were] grave worshippers, Allaah guided them through the hands of a small number of people from Ahl ul-Hadeeth when they went to them with knowledge, wisdom and fair preaching.

I will strike one example for you from these callers [and their use of wisdom]. Shaykh Thanaa Ullah al-Amritsaari was in India and from their great scholars and wise ones. He used to call the people with wisdom and fair preaching. He used to debate with the people with wisdom, proofs and evidences upon upright moral character. Much of mankind came and responded to his Da'wah. The evil stubborn scholars of misguidance were enraged by this so they empowered over the [Shaykh] an ignorant wicked man to kill him, so this man came to Shaykh Thanaa Ullah whilst he was giving a lecture and attacked him with a pickaxe, he hit him with a severe blow so [the Shaykh] collapsed unconsciously.

The government men [i.e. police] then came -look at how three or four from the major students of Shaykh Nadheer Hussein turned India upside down with their wisdom and knowledge!- they then took this criminal imprisoning him.

The first thing the Shaykh did as soon as he recuperated from his unconsciousness was ask, "Where is the one who struck me?" They said in prison so he replied, "He is not to be imprisoned ever."

The government insisted on imprisoning him, this gentle one (the Shaykh) then started to spend upon the children of the criminal for as long as he was in prison, then when he was released the first action he did was visit the Shaykh and openly proclaim his entering into Salafiyyah and discarding of innovation.

Another example:

The first Salafi caller in Sudan of this present time was Shaykh Hasoona. He was an example struck for patience, gentleness and wisdom. He used to call to Allaah with enthusiasm in the Masaajid and other than it. This resulted in the people of innovation beating him severely until they believed that he had died. They then dragged him by his legs and threw him out of the masjid. When he recuperated his consciousness, the first thing he did was surprise them [all] with smiles; not by curses, not anger, nor did he carry any hatred for the people, nor did he want revenge, nothing of that sort. Many of the people entered into ad-Da'wah-tus-Salafiyyah because of these [noble] manners.

In another incident [With Shaykh Hasoona] they were riding a train and the time for the Maghrib or Isha approached, so he led the people in prayer with very sweet recitation which amazed the people. They said, "Who led you in prayer?" So he said, "I am so and so." They pounced on him! beating him severely until he fainted. And as is his habit, once he regained consciousness, the first thing he did which surprised them all was [greet the with] pleasant smiles.

The point being: it is obligatory that you have with you wisdom, gentleness, patience and good intentions-may Allaah bless you-. By Allaah, with wise manners the people will rush to [accept] your Da'wah; but if all you have with you is harshness and rudeness then,

وَلَوْ كُنْتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لَانْفَضُّوا مِنْ حَوْلِكَ
['Aali 'Imran:159 7-14]
And had you been severe and harsh hearted, they would have broken apart from you...

O brothers -may Allaah bless you- some of our brothers, they have an excess in harshness which expels the people from Salafiyyah and not bringing anyone in. This is present right now. These hunters [for errors] it's upon them to repent to Allaah. It's upon them to improve their manners and to be of those who guide (the people) to Allaah, may Allaah bless you.

Upon you are these manners [of the two examples above], and leave off this focus on boycotting. Boycotting is legislated, but [after] patience and gentleness is implemented.

Upon you is to encourage the people with goodness and enter them into it.