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Fearing To Sell Your Deen For Some Dunya Even In The Bread Shops

August 11th, 2016
Imaam Ibn Jawzee
Al Muntathim
Abu Asiya Ilyas Aidarus

محمد بن يوسف الأصبهاني –رحمه الله- كان لا يشتري خبزه من خباز واحد ، وكان يقول : لعلهم يعرفونني فيحابوني فأكون ممن يعيش بدينه. المنتظم لابن الجوزي

Muhammad bin Yusuf Al Asbahaani - رحمه الله - did not used to buy his bread from one bread shop, and he would say:

Perhaps they may come to know me, then they may be easygoing with me (with regards to the price of the bread), and I become from those who live off of their religion.

Translator's Note: What is meant by "those who live off of their religion," is the people who use their status as callers, scholars, or religious men, for dunya.

So, Muhammad bin Yusuf (may Allaah have mercy upon him) avoided going to the same bread shop and would go to different shops fearing to become known and loved and then due to him being a scholar, the owner of the bread shop would decrease the price of the bread for him, thus causing him to be from those that use their status as scholars or callers to Allaah for a piece of the dunya.

May Allaah protect us from such a condition and grant us sincerity.