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Clothing Of The Salaf, But Heart Of The Khalaf?

October 3rd, 2017
Shaykh Zayd Al Madkhalee
العقد المنضد الجديد في الإجابة على مساءل في الفقه و المناهج و التوحيد page 78-79 Of Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee رحمه الله and Compiled by Fawwaz bin’ Ali bin ‘Ali al-Madkhaalee with the permission of Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee رحمه الله
Abu Abdil-Haadee Khaleel Davis

Shaykh Zayd Al Madkhalee was asked...

Virtuous Shaykh, some of the youth say that my aqeedah is the aqeedah of the salaf, but tread and implement some of the methodologies of some of the groups of Islaam. Is there any fault in this?

Shaykhana Ash-Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee رحمه الله : That in which ought to be known is that the salafi aqeedah is manhaj and action. Therefore, the aqeedah and action necessitate that you don’t negate one of them from the other.

Therefore it is not possible to have a complete and correct aqeedah with the occurrence of deviation in actions and the opposite with the opposite.

Therefore this is a conflict from the baab (type) of deception (التلبيس)1 upon the people. Claiming to agree with a group in the aqeedah and differ with them in the manhaj and actions and agree with a people in actions and differ with them in aqeedah.

This is mixing and this is التلبيس (deception) upon oneself and upon the people. It’s incumbent upon him that he gets rid of this and that he agrees with the salaf and those who traversed their path of the salaf in aqeedah an ‘ibaadah and dealings and the manhaj of da’wah and the manhaj of commanding with good and forbidding the evil and the manhaj of loyalty and freeing oneself (al-wala wal bara’) and the position towards the leaders and in every affair, from the affairs and in every type from the types of knowledge and actions.

We call to that and stick with it and warn from acting (we seek refuge in Allaah), from oscillating (swinging back and forth) with that in which will be a lost cause , that in which will harm and not benefit.

Translator's Note: The word تلبيس from the root ل ب س literally meaning لِباس clothing as Allaah ta’ala said which translates to mean:

” هنَّ لِباسٌ لكم و انتم لِباسٌ لهنَّ” سورة البقرة : ١٨٧ They are a لِباسٌ covering for you and you for them. 2:187

تلبيس carries the meaning of clothing, due to the fact that clothing conceals the body. Clothing covers the body and sometimes tricks the human eye, thus deceiving us to perceive something other than the reality. While at the same time, covering up it’s true nature. An example of this, is that black makes a person look smaller, concealing their true physique. Likewise, the one who has the aqeedah of the salaf, but the manhaj of a deviant group has deceived the people into thinking he’s Salafi. His use of salafi lingo is a covering of his deception while garbbing himself in the clothes of Salafiyyah. In reality his manhaj is other than Salafi. Henceforth, the word تلبيس is used to mean deception.

Also in لِسانُ العرب the author says the word تلبيس means التدليس و التخليط to cheat and to mix. انظر لِسانُ العرب لابن منظور المجلّد السادس -ص ٢٤٦