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Issues Related To Death Due To Coronavirus

March 7th, 2020
Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-Muḥsin Bin Ḥamd Al-‘Abbād
Explanation of Al Muwatta Class #9
Muhammad Abouharb

سئل العلامة عبد المحسن العباد حفظه الله :

عن الذي يموت بسبب مرض ‎الكورونا هل يسمى مبطون ؟

فاجاب :

يدخل تحت المطعون الذي يموت بالطاعون، ويرجى له الشهادة.

وسئل: هل يُغسل الميت بسبب ‎الكورونا ؛خشية العدوى ؟

فقال:إذا غلب الظن ويخشى من تغسيله وملامسته فيُيَمّم.

[درس الموطأ ٠٩ رجب١٤٤١ .]

Shaykh 'Abdul-Muhsin al-'Abbād was asked about the person who dies due to the Coronavirus. Is he (considered) one who has died from a stomach ailment?

He answered saying: "He falls under the one who has died from a plague. And martyrdom is hoped for him."

And also he was asked:

"Is the body of the deceased to be washed if it is feared that the Corona virus will spread?"

He said: "If that's most probable and it's feared that washing the body or touching it (will spread the disease), tayammum is to be performed."