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A Correction Of A Mistake Of Fawwaz Al-Madkhali Circulated By Miraath Al-Anbiya Who Promote Some Of the People Of Fitnah

July 5th, 2018
Shaykh ‘Usāmah Al-‘Utayby
Source Written on the 17th of Shawwal, of the year 1439 after hijra.
Najeeb Al Anjelesi

I listened to an audio recording which has a some mistakes in aqeedah, bearing the voice of Fawwaz ibn Ali Al-Madkhali. The audio is from the circulated material of Miraath Al-Anbiya which claims to connect to the senior scholars, however (their true reality is that they) spread material of some small students of knowledge who are not proficient in educating. They are not people firmly established in the fundamental guidelines and principles of Islam, so how can they cultivate and strengthen the foundation of others?

Hence my advice to the channel "Miraath Al-Anbiya" is to fear Allah, not lie to the Salafis throughout the world, be truthful in their claims of connecting people to the senior scholars, and cease promoting (the works of) the Sa'aafiqah, the people of fitna, those who are weak in knowledge, and the people of ignorance and error.

In this article, I shall mention one of the mistakes from this audio as a caution from such aqeedah and knowledge related errors, and as an advice and a service to Allah and His religion.

Fawwaz ibn Ali Al-Madkhali, may Allah guide him, alleges that the Exalted's statement, "Indeed We sent it down during the night of al-qadr" [Al-Qadr 97:1] is a proof for the Lord's quality of descension. This speech is incorrect.

The decending of Allah to the lowest heaven is from His attributes of action that are firmly established and frequently referenced in the sunnah that the salaf have united upon. Nevertheless, there is no proof within the verse for Allah’s quality of descending to the lowest heaven.

Rather, in surat-ul-qadr is proof for the following:

  1. The ‘Uluww of Allah (the state of Allah being above) His creation.
  2. An affirmation that Allah sent down the Quran, thus it is His speech.
  3. Predestination (al-qadr) and from its types is the yearly preordaining during the night of al-qadr.
  4. Allah's exaltation of Himself by way of the pluralistic pronoun "We" as in His statement "إِنَّا”" (Indeed We...) and His statement "أنزلناه" (We sent it down).
  5. The sending down of the Quran in its entirety, being written in bayt-ul-izza within the lowest heaven, and the commencement of revalation to Muhammad ﷺ in the night of al-qadr within the cave of Hiraa, by Jibreel reading the beginning of surat-ul-alaq to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

And Allah knows best.