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The Court Case Of Shaykh Muhammad Bin Hadi Does Not Negate His Criticisms Against The Sa‘āfiqah

To the Sa‘āfiqah — May Allāh cut them off at their roots:

The matter of Shaykh Muḥammad bin Hādi (hafidhahullah) which is in the court is not due to the exposing of the plots of the Sa‘āfiqah, refuting them, clarifying their misguidance and exposing their (evil) inner affairs.

This matter of combating the Sa‘āfiqah, (has no connection to the court matter and) the court matter has no connection to it.

The court matter is about statements which Shaykh Muḥammad (hafidhahullah) said about a person during his lecture. These words have no connection to the fitnah of the Sa‘āfiqah, nor are they the reason for Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi warning against the Sa‘āfiqah.

The Salafis do not describe the Sa‘āfiqah with al-‘ahr or with zinā!! The refuge is sought with Allāh. They only describe the Sa‘āfiqah with lying, ignorance, feigning knowledge, spreading fitnah, separating the Salafis, plotting against the ‘Ulamā’, some of them with plotting with the Khawārij Militia, and some of them with ‘amālah (working) with the Terrorist organization: The Ḥamadayn organization.

Therefore, the combatting of the Salafis against the Sa‘āfiqah and the combatting of Shaykh Muḥammad bin Hādi, Shaykh Muḥammad ‘Alī Ferkūs, Shaykh Sulaymān Ar-Ruḥaylī, Shaykh Muḥammad Al-‘Aqīl and other than them against the Sa'āfiqah and their fins (cohorts) do not have any connection to the matter that is being looked into in the court between Shaykh Muḥammad (hafidhahullah) and the person who filed a claim against him.

Therefore, leave off trickery and deception, O group of Sa‘āfiqah, companions of secret sittings and plots against the Salafi Da‘wah.

And Allāh knows best.

Translator's note:

I asked the Shaykh concerning his statement that some of the Sa‘āfiqah are working with the Terrorist Organization, are they being paid for their service or not, what does he intend by his words?

The Shaykh (hafidhahullah) answered:

The word ‘amālah is regarding one who is being used for the spread of fitnah whether he perceives it or not. He is one who works with/for them. Sometimes he works for a wage and at other times without a wage. Sometimes he works with/for them and does not realize he's working for them. Rather they use him by way of plotting and deception. Allāh knows best.