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Al 'Allaamah Ahmad Shakir on the Cursed Homosexuals

October 10th, 2015
Shaikh Ahmad Shakir (rahimahullah)
'Umadaut Tafseer 5/197
Nasir Abu Abi Bakr Al Hanbali

Shaykh Ahmad Shakir said in his tafsir ١٩٧/٥ عمدة التفسير speaking about those cursed homosexuals,

This disgusting vulgar act has spread in many lands, it has been spread mainly in the cursed English world until it has become something easy for them which has been given no concern to it. Rather, it isn't even censured (in their society). On top of that many of their pastors - May Allah curse them - have openly proclaimed there is no evil or criminality in their act (of homosexuality) when both parties mutually consent. They (the pastors) are a disgrace to their religion and nation.

We give glad tidings to that wicked, disgusting, tyrannical nation that it's outcome will be just like the outcome of the people of Lut (Lot). May Allah destroy them because of their venturing into this evil, spreading it and openly proclaiming it's permissibility.

May Allah disgrace them and allow the world to be at rest from their evil.

Translator's note: May Allah have mercy upon Shaykh Ahmad Shakir who was the Muhaddith of Egypt. Ponder over this Ya Ikhwan: He died 1377 رحمه الله Hijri, which is equivalent to 1958 approximately 57 years ago and this was before gay marriage and the rest of the filth that is being pushed and propagated. May Allah protet us from the evil of the kuffar, that which is open and that which is hidden.