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Giving Da'wah in the Masaajid of the People of Bid'ah?

August 1st, 2016
Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-Muḥsin Bin Ḥamd Al-‘Abbād
Sharh Saheeh Muslim: Chapter of the Virtue of Loving for Allah
Abu Muḥammad Nādir Al-Jamaiky

Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-Muḥsin Bin Ḥamd Al-‘Abbād was asked...

What is the ruling of teaching or giving Da'wah in the masaajid and centers of the people of Bid'ah?

Teaching in the masaajid of the people of the sunnah is (what's) desired. However, if he goes to (the masaajid of the people of Bid'ah) and gives a word (speaks) and clarifies in it the Sunnah as well as (explains) the danger of Bid'ah, indeed this is good; this is as long as he is able (allowed) to speak a word clarifying the Sunnah. As for him speaking on something which will distort (that which is intended for him to explain) or something which they (the people of Bid'ah) want (him to speak about), then (no), don't go.