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Powerful Advice on How to Deal With the People of Innovation

January 26th, 2016
Imaam ‘Abdur Rahmaan Bin Amr Al Awzaa’ee
Taareekh Damashq/
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

The Imaam, the great scholar of Isalaamic jurisprudence, ‘Abdur Rahmaan Bin Amr Al Awzaa’ee said:

O Muslims fear Allah! Accept the advice of the sincere advisors and the admonishment of those who truthfully admonish. Know that this knowledge is Deen, so look closely to what you do, who you take it from, who you imitate and who you ensure your religion to. For verily, the people of innovation are all scandal-mongering, sinful liars; they abstain not from sin, contemplate not, nor have any fear of Allah. With all this you see them believing in, obscuring and distorting (the truth in general, and the Names and Attributes of Allah in specific) as you have heard. They say that concerning the narrations, that which they do not do and of which you disapprove, which results in their fabrications.

Verily, your scholars from the first generations (and those who are upon their way) are indeed more pious and upright then those of later generations (who contradict the way of the Salaf). Similarly, this is what they used to implement and order with. Beware of being from those who protest against Allah, who attempt to demolish His religion while contradicting its ways.

Exclaiming the veneration and exalting of the people of innovation is far worse than learning from them, imitating them and believing them*. (It is most evil indeed) that you preach to their ways, author works promoting their ideologies, helping them in seducing those who have succumb to their seduction, while rallying the weak Muslims to their erroneous opinions and their absurd way of practicing the deen. Verily, it is enough (of a crime) that you share with them in that which they do!

*TN: This is because in imitating them, believing them and learning from them, one only harms himself whereas in praising them he harms himself and helps in the destruction of others.