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Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Praises Abul Hasan Al-Ma'ribi???!!!

August 18th, 2017
Ash-Shaykh, Al-Faqeeh', Sulaymaan Ar Ruhaylee
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Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

The Noble Shaikh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee expounding on a question that was posed to him (about his stance on Abul Hasan Al Ma’ribee) after his class in the Prophet’s Masjid tel:16/11/1438 Hijriyyah.  

I don’t have a last statement or a first statement (because just) as I said before; in the issue of Abu Hasan Al Ma’ribee which I have made exceedingly clear, I refute (and stand against) both parties (as relates to Ma’ribee).

One group praises Abul Hasan Al Ma’ribee even after he has openly displayed (various) innovations of which I don’t know of anyone who has founded and invented principles for the Hizbees and corrupted  coalition like this man, Ma’ribee.

I was (however) from those who used to command with being silent about (Ma’ribee) in the beginning of the affair because the affair had yet to become clear to me (at that time). However, there were scholars who had more insight than me as relates to this issue and thus, they used to warn (against him) and wrote (refutations) against him. (From the time that) Shaikh ‘Abdullah Al Bukhaari refuted him and presented it to me I said that (that he Ma’ribee) in an attempt to negate that which was said about him actually ended up exposing himself and affirming against himself (everything that was said about him).

Thus two groups (emerged) as related to him:

  1. One group said they were Al ‘Abbaadiyyah and they praised Al Ma’ribee using as a proof that they follow Shaikh (‘Abdul Muhsin) Al ‘Abbaad.
  2. While the second group were bad mannered and spoke ill of Shaikh ‘Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbaaad in their gatherings saying that he praises Al Ma’ribee and whoever praises Ma’ribee is thus like (Al Ma’ribee).  

So verily I said/say, indeed Shaikh ‘Abdul Muhsin Al ‘Abbaaad  did not read (the refutations against Al Ma’ribee) and I know this (as a fact as it relates to) the affair of Al Ma’ribee. The Shaikh had a carton  and everytime someone gave him anything (concerning this issue) he would throw it in the carton and (later) he order that (the carton and its content) be burned (which contained the refutations) on the Ma’ribee issue.

So I say, all of you who know and have read (the refutations) and you know what has has been written against this man Abul Hasan Al Ma’ribee who we consider to be an innovator- because of that which he has written - until he retracts and returns (to the truth). You don’t have any proof in the speech of Shaikh ‘Abbaad who has yet to read the speech about him which we know about. (This fact of the Shaikh not reading the refutations against Ma’ribee) is something I know with certainty and whoever tells you that the Shaikh has read anything written against Abul Hasan Al Ma’ribee, he has not told the truth in this (affair). As far as others, I cannot say.

As relates to the second group who speak ill of the Shaikh; we say that if the Shaikh came across a mistake that was made by his son ‘Abdul Razaaq, he would not be quiet about it. This man is truly about the truth. You know I always say that Shaikh Al ‘Abbaad reminds me of Shaikh Ibn Baaz and Shaikh ‘Uthaymeen and (has) many characteristics (in common with them). If he (the Shaikh) were to come across anything that you have came across (from the refutations)  about Ma’ribee, he would not have spoke well of him. Rather, I say, you can’t use Al ‘Abbaad as a proof nor could you speak ill of the Shaikh.

(And as for) those bats of the darkness [i.e. those people who scheme and plot] who sit in their gatherings and speak bad about the scholars, the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah and who speak bad about Shaikh Al ‘Abbaad and say that Shaikh Al ‘Abbaaad praises so-and-so and thus is like so-and-so and praises such-and-such and thus is like  such-and-such; you all have NO right to do this.

This is my speech on Abul Hasan Al Ma’ribee and I will not go beyond that in this affair.