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Do Not Surrender Your Deen To One Who Is Not Infallible

August 5th, 2019
Shaykh Waseeyullaah Abbaas
At-Taqleed (Blind Following) and it’s Ruling, pg. 95 (Originally translated 7/27/19)
Abu Abdil-Alim Amin Manning al-Makki

Our shaykh, the scholar of Hadeeth, Wasī-Allah bin Muhammad Abbãs, May Allah preserve him, said:

So we advise every Muslim, [who has been blessed with] insight/mental perception in his religion, is merciful to his own soul and a [sincere] advisor to himself, do not surrender [the] steering of his [or her] intellect, his [or her] thinking, his [or her] creed and his [or her] deed[s] to [one who is] not infallible, no matter how high his status in Ilm (knowledge), taqwa (piety) and salaah (righteousness).

Translator note: That which is between the brackets [ ] was added to complete the translation, or for clarity, or additional benefit.