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How can the intelligent deem the sa'aafiqah truthful? A glimpse into their deception and double standards

July 7th, 2018
Shaykh ‘Usāmah Al-‘Utayby
Source Written on the 20th day of Shawwal in the year of 1439 after the hijra.
Najeeb Al Anjelesi

When Shaykh Ubayd criticised some of the Salafy Mashaayikh with points of criticism that were void of any evidence, causing Shaykh Rabee to respond to these criticisms, what then was the position of the Sa'aafiqah, the trouble-makers of Aden, the Sa'aafiqah of Libya, and the mafia of trouble and dissension in the eastern and western hemispheres?

Their position was as follows:

  1. Acceptance of the criticism.
  2. The absence of demand for proof related to the criticism.
  3. Falsely accusing whoever requested proof of revilement of Shaykh Ubayd.
  4. Falsely accusing whoever spread the speech of Shaykh Rabee of desiring the sowing of dissension between the two.
  5. Testing salafis by way of this criticism.
  6. Describing whoever accepted the criticism as being strong in manhaj, and whoever rejected it as being weak in that regard.

The end result: Division among salafis, revilement of Shaykh Rabee from the direction of some of the Sa'aafiqah, describing Shaykh Ubayd with being stronger in manhaj than Shaykh Rabee, revilement of Shaykh Ubayd along with the Sa'aafiqah taking advantage of that in order to revile Salafi Mashaayikh alleging that they revile Shaykh Ubayd.

But when Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadi criticised the Sa'aafiqah, and warned against them, what was the stance of the Sa'aafiqah, the trouble makers of Aden, the Sa'aafiqah of Libya, and the mafia of troublemaking and dissension throughout the eastern and western hemispheres?

  1. Rejection of the criticism along with circulation of Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Ubayd's praise for the criticized among the Sa'aafiqah.
  2. Request for evidence concerning the criticism and making it a foundation after previously combating it.
  3. Making ineffective all the proofs related to the criticism and denying their existence.
  4. Falsely accusing whoever manifested proofs with revilement of Sheikh Rabee and Sheikh Ubayd.
  5. Falsely accusing whoever circulated the speech of Shaykh Muhammad with revilement of Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Ubayd.
  6. Testing Salafis by way of that praise along with revilement of whomever rejected it, or remained neutral (in this issue).
  7. Describing whoever accepted the praise as being strong in manhaj whereas whoever rejected it is weak in that regard.
  8. Explicit revilement of Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi along with striving for his downfall and everyone who defends him as well.

The End Result: Division among the Salafis, revilement of Salafi Mashaayikh (e.g. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadi, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali Ferkous, Shaykh Sulaiman Ar Ruhayli, and Shaykh Abdul Majeed Jumu'ah) from the direction of the Sa'aafiqah and their mob/gang and an abundance of people becoming bold/defiant with Sheikh Rabee and Sheikh Ubayd due to their lack of awareness concerning the plots and schemes of the Sa'aafiqah along with the Sa'aafiqah taking advantage of this in order to accuse the Salafis of revilement of Sheikh Rabee and Sheikh Ubayd.

This is an accurate summary of the Sa'aafiqah and their trouble-making.