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The Easiest Way to Memorize the Noble Qur’an

All praise and thanks belongs to Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all of his companions.

The following method (for memorizing the Qur’an) is distinguished due to its facilitation of a well grounded and strong memorization of the entire Qur’an in a relatively short period of time. The following is an example of this method utilizing the first page of Suratul Jumu’ah as an example:

  1. Recite the first verse 20 times:

  2. Recite the second verse 20 times:

  3. Recite the third verse 20 times:

  4. Recite the fourth verse 20 times:

  5. Recite these four verses together 20 times to fortify the order of verses (1-4):

  6. Recite the fifth verse 20 times:

  7. Recite the sixth verse 20 times:

  8. Recite the seventh verse 20 times:

  9. Recite the eigth verse 20 times:

  10. Recite verses five to eight 20 times to fortify the order of verses (5-8):

  11. Recite verses one to eight 20 times to solidify the memorization of this page:

Similarly, utilize this method for every page of the Qur’an, however do not exceed eight verses in a day (or one page) so that the portion memorized will not increase which may result in a weakening of the memorization of said portion.

Q: If I wanted to memorize a new page the following day, how will I accomplish this?

A: If you want to proceed to a new page the following day; first start by reciting the previous page 20 times to fortify the memorization of that page, then proceed to memorize the new page utilizing the method I previously mentioned.