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His Ex-Wife Doesn't Allow Him To Speak With And/Or Visit His Children Regularly

September 26th, 2017
and Shaykh Abdur-Rahmān Muhyiddīn, and Shaykh ‘Usāmah Al-‘Utayby,
Question posed on Muharram 5th, 1439 (September 25th, 2017) by your brother Abu Abdil Haadee Khaleel Davis via WhatsApp.
Abu Abdil-Haadee Khaleel Davis


As Salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi. Our virtuous Shaykh, may Allaah bless you. How can a Muslim deal with his ex-wife that does not allow him to talk to and/or see his children often. Sometimes this is for several weeks due to the (ex-wife's) jealousy of him marrying another wife. This has been (the case) over the past five years. Does he take her to the non-Islamic courts in order to get his children due to her not taking the advice of the Muslims?

Answer (shaykh):

Advise her and remind her with Allaah.


And if she doesn't fear Allaah, and continues O virtuous Shaykh?


Tell Allaah about her, say, “O Lord, what do I do with her, O Lord of all that exists, give me success (as relates to her and in this affair),” and seek aid with Allaah.


May Allaah bless you our Shaykh and father. Do I have permission to spread your statements for the benefit of the Muslims in case the question is asked again?


No problem.


May Allaah preserve you our virtuous Shaykh. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi.

Shaykh Usaamah al-'Utayby حفظه الله و ورعاه added by stating:

If he isn't able to see his kids except by way of the courts of the non Muslims, then this is permissible due to necessity and Allaah knows best.


May Allaah bless you our virtuous shaykh.