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A Few Characteristics of the Haddādiyyah Sect

April 1st, 2016
Abu Dihyah Dawud Adib

Dear Muslims,

It is important that we understand the following point very well: the Haddādiyyah Sect is extremely dangerous! We should always ask Allāh not to make us like them, to not cause us to emulate them while wearing the garments of Salafiyyah. For indeed, whoever imitates a people is from them!

Two of their characteristics are:

  • Fanatacism towards personalities, which is a common characteristic among the People of Blind Bigotry and Partisanship.
  • The Haddadi sect provides moral, intellectual, theological and logistic support to Dā'ish.

Abū Bakr bin Abī Dāwūd said in his Hā'iyyah:

ولا تعتقد رأي الخوارج إنه

مقال لمن يهواه يردي ويفضح

And do not hold a belief like the Khawārij; for indeed it is a position only held by those who desire it, and it is destructive and disgraceful!

Shaykh Sālih al-Fawzān explains this line of poetry saying:

فمٓذهبُ الخٓوارِجِ يٓتفرّعُ منه فروعٌ قبيحةٌ فلا تعتقده أو تمل إليه بل اعتبره مذهباً باطلاً، و هذا في الذي يرى رأيٓهم و لو لم يفعل مثلٓ فعلِهم، فكٓيفٓ بالذي يرى رأيٓهم و يُنفِّذُه؟

Thus, this is the methodology of the Khawārij, from which sprung other repugnant branches [of methodologies and principles]. Therefore, do not hold these beliefs nor incline towards them, instead consider them false opinions [principles and concepts]. Keeping in mind that this is referring to those who only hold these opinions [principles and concepts] yet they have not carried out these actions. So how much more those who also hold these corrupted beliefs and concepts and carry them out?

Shaykh Rabī described the Haddaadis, saying:

الحدادية لهم أصل خبيث، وهو أنهم إذا ألصقوا بإنسان قولاً هو بريء منه ويعلن براءته منه، فإنهم يصرون على الاستمرار على رمي ذلك المظلوم بما ألصقوه به، فهم بهذا الأصل الخبيث يفوقون الخوارج

The Haddadis have an evil principle with them which is [the following]: Whenever they have attached to a [Salafi] individual that which he is in reality innocent of and [that Salafi has already] announced openly that he is indeed innocent of it - (i.e. what he is being falsely accused of) - they [the Haddādis] continue to hurl those accusations against that oppressed [Salafi] individual with that which they [the Haddadis] have [falsely] assigned to him.

Consequently, [by utilizing this technique] of their repugnant principle [they have concocted] they have exceeded the [methodology] of the Khawarij

In conclusion, we should check ourselves to see if any of these filthy principles have crept into our minds, hearts, or behaviors.

Oh Allāh! Do not make us like the people we warn against!

Source for Shaykh Rabi’ clarification:

الاثنين 19 جمادى الآخر 1437 - 28 مارس