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Many of the Salaf Used to Finish the Qur'aan Every Seven Days

June 9th, 2016
Al 'Allaamah Muhammad Bin Aadam Al Itheeyoobee (hafithahullah)
Explanation of Al Bukhaaree, Chapter: The Superiority of the Qur'aan
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

The 'Allaamah Muhammad Bin Aadam Al Itheeyoobee (hafithahullah) said,

Verily many of the Salaf used to finish the Qur'aan in seven days. They used to break up (its recitation) as follows:

فَمِي بِشَوْقٍ

  1. ف- Faatihah
  2. م- Maa'idah
  3. ي- Yunus
  4. ب- Bani Israa'eel (Al Israa)
  5. ش- Shu'raa
  6. و- Was Saafaat
  7. ق- Qaf (until the end of the Mushaf)