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Give Precedence to the Evidence of the Criticism

January 29th, 2018
Shaykh Rabī‘ bin Hādī bin ‘Umayr al-Madkhaly
Majmoo’ ar-Rasaa’il vol. 14, pg. 251
Abu Abdil-Alim Amin Manning al-Makki

ذكر شيخنا العلامة الوالد ربيع بن هاي المدخلي (حفظه الله): "...أنا والله زكيت أناسا في هذا العام، والله لازموني و ما شاء الله تنسك و كذا و كذا و كذا...، ثم ظهر لي جرحهم، أنا إذا صلى معي و زكى و ذكر الله و سافر معي و إلخ، فأشهد بما رأيت و لا أزكي على الله أحدا. لكن يأتي إنسان آخر عرفه أكثر مني واكتشف عليه أخطاء واكتشف عليه أشياء تقدح في عدالته فيجرحه بعلم و يبرهن على جرحه بالأدلة و يفسر جرحه، فيقدم جرحه على تعديلي؛ و أنا استسلمت، قدم الأدلة جرح على هذا الإنسان، في الواقع الحق معه." المصدر: مجموع الرسائل- ١٤/ ٢٥١

Our shaykh [and] father [figure] the eminent scholar Rabee’ bin Haadi al- Madkhali (may Allah preserve him) mentioned:

By Allah, I recommended people during this year [1], and by Allah they kept close to me and maa sha Allah [what was apparent was a life of] asceticism and such and such and so forth.

Then it became apparent to me the criticism about them. As for me, if one prays with me and he was upright and he remembers Allah and he travels with me, and till the end, I bear witness to that which I have seen, and I do not praise anyone over Allah.

But if another person comes, [and] he knows him [meaning the one who I recommended] more than me, and he discovered errors [with him] and he found out about [some] things that diminish [him] in his adaalah (integrity) – so he criticizes him with knowledge and he establishes proof upon his criticism by way of evidence and he explains his criticism – then give preference to the evidence of the criticism of this person over my praise, and I yield [to the evidence of the criticism]. Give preference to the evidence of the criticism of this person. In reality the truth is with him.

Translator's Note: That which is between the brackets [ ] was added to complete the translation, or for clarity, or additional benefit.

[1] This statement occurred prior to the compiling of our shaykh’s Majmoo’ ar-Rasaa’il which was published 1431h/2008m.