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Seeking A Khula' Due To My Husband Acting Inappropriately With Women He Met Online

Shaykh Sālih Al-Fawzān was asked...

I am a married women, I have a son and I live in a land of disbelief. I found out three months ago that my husband talks to women on a knowledge [based] shabakah (forum/website) until [the point that] he [ended up] meeting with one of them without a Mahram (guardian), so that he can marry her. And since the [time of] him meeting with her, he degrades and threatens me not to inform any one, and if I [were] to do so [some] harm would come to me. So, is it permissible for me to seek a divorce/khul'a? And what is your advice for me?

Yes, with this description, if he has reached this level of flirting [or courtship] with women and speaking with women and you fear that indeed his manners have been corrupted, upon you is to request a separation [khul'a] from him. There is no good in him and there is no good in remaining with him, na'am. As for if this is merely an accusation, with no validity to it or it is shukook (a doubt/suspicion) then do not be hasty, until you tatathabbat (affirm the validity) of this affair. Na'am.

Translators note: That which is between the [ ] has been added to complete the English translation.