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Is this Speech Based Upon Mannerisms That Are Mufeedah O My Elder Brother Abā Khadeejah?!

August 23rd, 2018
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

Recently our elder brother Abu Khadeejah from SPUBS has addressed the current fitnah. From what's apparent in his speech and mentioning of events is that he's speaking about the Noble Scholar Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi. In the event it is claimed that he is not speaking about/to Shaykh Muhammad, then the obvious question must be asked: Who are you talking to, Abu Khadeejah?

Abu Khadeejah (may Allāh rectify us and him) said,

What’s the issue? Why the nameemah? Why tearing up the ranks of Ahlus-Sunnah in every country? In Algeria, torn. In Libya, torn. In Morocco, torn. Parts of America, torn. Parts of Canada, torn. Holland, torn. France, torn apart. Indonesia, torn apart. Why? Because you decide to speak against a group of brothers without referring the affair to Ahlil-Ilm, the Kibar, the Ulama that you learned from, that you studied with. They are in the position of your father. They are 40 years/35 years/30 years your senior. You were a boy and they were already scholars of this ummah. Why don't you refer to them? Why do you believe you need to go it alone [sic], and you abandon, and you put the ulama to one side and say Ya Shaykh why didn't you go to the 'Ulamā...

In light of what's apparent in Abu Khadeejah’s address of the current fitnah, here are some observations regarding the aforementioned speech. And with Allāh is the success.

  1. Abu Khadeejah's tone was very disrespectful towards Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi. Shaykh Muhammad is his elder and he is a Scholar from the Scholars of Ahlis-Sunnah who is to be respected and honored even when we differ with him and hold his view to be incorrect.
  2. Salafis were split prior to this current situation. This is why the Scholars like Shaykh Rabee himself and others from the Mashaayikh of Ahlis-Sunnah were advising the Salafis around the world with stopping the differing and putting matters of differing behind us and starting on a new page. Mashaayikh were addressing this issue of the splitting between the Salafis. However Abu Khadeejah and company were putting on social media that there is no differing amongst the Salafis and the Salafis are United, etc. Yes, The Salafis are upon the same Aqīdah and Manhaj without a doubt, however, there was much differing around the world amongst the Salafis and the Mashaayikh were addressing it. Is this not a disregard for the words of the "Kibār"?!
  3. Have Abu Khadeejah and his colleagues always consulted with the Kibār before they warned against anyone they have warned against from the Salafis? Example: When Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribi warned against Abu Abdis-Salām at the Masjid Ar-Rahmah conference in Parsippany, where was this speech of Abu Khadeejah, or was he silent due to him being in agreement? Rather, it was said that Shaykh 'Ubayd was informed of what Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribi did. That's after the fact! Again, where was this speech about going to the Kibār first?
  4. How much separation was caused in different places due to their warnings against Salafis? Or is it considered to be clarifying the truth and purifying the ranks of the Salafis when they have issued warnings without first returning back to the kibār?
  5. If returning back to the kibār is the overall principle, why do we find it being said on social media accounts and outlets the statement to return back to the well-known du’aat in the affairs of da’wah? And as is well-known, this includes warnings against other Salafis? What are the guidelines of when to return back to the Kibār Ulamā and when to return our affairs back to the “Kibār Duāt” and Tullāb-il-'Ilm?
  6. If Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi is a scholar in his own right, a person who can make ijtihad, is it upon him to go back to those elder than him when he sees an evil has taken place and he's warning the Muslims against it?
  7. When Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi spoke against Ibrahim Ar-Ruhaylī and they spread his speech, did they make sure that Shaykh Muhammad checked with the Kibār first before he spoke against Ibrahim Ar-Ruhaylī and then after that spread his speech?
  8. . Did Arafat Muhammadi check with the Kibār before he warned/spoke against Shaykh Abdur-Razzāq? Where is Abu Khadeejah's Khutbah/speech against Arafat?
  9. Where do we find in the history of Jarh-wa-Ta'deel a scholar warning against people he deems to be evil, and then others criticizing him for not referring back to specific scholars before he warned, be they older or younger?
  10. Warning against evil people is from commanding the right and forbidding the wrong. Where is it in the Book and the Sunnah where it says that one has to return back to one who is senior before commanding the right and forbidding the wrong and if he doesn't, he's blameworthy? Rather, the Prophet ﷺ said:

    Whoever among you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; if he cannot, then with his tongue; and if he cannot, then with his heart, and that is the weakest of faith. [Muslim]

  11. Who from the Kibār did Amjad Rafiq return back to before using an unofficial court document (that only the Hizbis have used) to speak ill of Shaykh Muhammad?! None of the kibār have used or even mentioned that document to show that Shaykh Muhammad doesn't refute with proofs and evidences. So again, who did Amjad refer to?
  12. When Abu Khadeejah and company took a stance against the Kuwaiti Mashaayikh, did they go to the most Senior of Scholars to them, -i.e. Shaykh Rabee’- before they took a stance? And when they were advised by Shaykh Rabee to deal with the Mashaayikh of Kuwait did they act upon the advice? If so, who from the Kuwaiti Mashaayikh were invited after the said advice? Who did they have a tele-link with? How was Shaykh Rabee's advice implemented; rather, why wasn't it translated by them or those with them like the speech that's translated when Shaykh Rabee has mentioned Abu Khadeejah and company in a good light?
  13. When MPUBS continued to warn against Salafy Ink and company, even after Shaykh Rabee’ ordered that all warnings must stop and be taken offline, did they refer back to the Kibār to continue their warnings or do they believe that Abu Khadeejah and Company were/are the Kibār; thus, MPUBS were taking the matter back to them, getting the green light to continue to speak and warn against Salafis?!
  14. How is it that Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi was one of the Kibār with Abu Khadeejah and company who matters are referred back to, but now in this current situation he's referred to as “a boy” when the other elders were scholars? What was he then and what is he now in comparison to Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi who was declared to be a scholar decades ago by Major Scholars?
  15. Even though Shaykh Muhammad differs with Shaykh Rabee’ on this current issue, when have we seen Shaykh Muhammad speak about Shaykh Rabee’ in the manner that Abu Khadeejah, Amjad Rafiq and others have spoken and speak about Shaykh Muhammad?
  16. Lastly, who from the Kibār did Abu Khadeejah refer back to before he publicly spoke out against Shaykh Muhammad regarding this current matter and if he said he did speak to one of them, where is the proof? What was the question and answer given to him regarding how he was going to address the matter, etc? Or, is it that he and company believe they have a green light to say what they want/how they want about and to Shaykh Muhammad due to the fact that Shaykh Rabee’ opposes Shaykh Muhammad in this current matter? If that's the case, it is said to them, “You all are not Shaykh Rabee or anyone else from the Kibār”. Shaykh Muhammad is still a scholar from the scholars and don't forget what you all have been saying when you or those affiliated with you have been critiqued on issues: The mistake is refuted but the honor of the Salafi is preserved, especially that of the Scholar!
  17. May Allāh accept this, Aameen!