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Labeling A Person With The Title of Shaykh Who Is Not Qualified For The Title

October 30th, 2020
Shaykh Muhammad ‘Ali Farkoos
الجزائر في: ١٥ جمادى الثانية ١٤٣٠ﻫ الموافق ﻟ: ٠٨ جوان ٢٠٠٩م
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Muhammad bin 'Alī Ferkūs حفظه الله stated:

Labeling someone with the title Shaykh while he is not entitled to it falls under the category of {putting things in other than their proper places}. Also it is (a means of) opening up the doors for the Shaytān to enter upon the educated student. These labels bring about in him different types of ailments of the heart which are not hidden, from: self-amazement, being deceived, being sufficed with oneself, arrogance in one's studies and the likes of that from the calamities of knowledge. And it's possible that it may have a negative impact upon his physcological and educational behavior. As a result of that, it leads him to the defamation of the elder (Scholars), belittling them and seeking to undermine their status (by speaking ill of them).

في حكم تشييخ الحدث

قال العلامة الشيخ محمد بن علي فركوس حفظه الله:

"فإنَّ تلقيبَ مَن لا يَليق برتبة المشيخة يندرج تحت «وضعِ الأشياء في غير موضعها الصحيح» مع فتحِ مَداخِلِ الشيطان في نَفْسِ الطالب المتطلِّع وتُورِّثُه هذه التلقيباتُ مِن أنواع أمراض القلوب ما لا يخفى مِن العُجب والغرور والاكتفاء بالنفس والتكبُّر عند الطلب ونحوِ ذلك مِن آفات العلم، وقد ينعكس الأمرُ سلبًا على سلوكه النفسيِّ والتربويِّ؛ فيؤدِّي إلى التشنيع بالأكابر والتنقُّص منهم والنيلِ مِن مَناصِبِهم."