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Some of the Benefits from the Meeting with our Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadee (hafithahullah)

June 2nd, 2016
The meeting with the Shaykh took place on May 15 2014 - 16th of Rajab 1435H after Salaatul-Asr. Compiled & Translated By Abu Yusuf Khaleefah NYC USA 5/22/14 - 23rd night of Rajab 1435H.
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

We visited the Noble Shaykh Muhammad Bin Haadi al-Madkhalee (hafithahullah). In the gathering were Salafi brothers from Libya, brothers from America (Hamzah Abdur Razzaaq, Amin Manning, Abu Abdis Salaam Siddiq and myself) and others from various places. From the benefits of this gathering:

  1. The concern and mercy of the Shaykh being that he took time out of his busy schedule to sit with the brothers and answer their questions.
  2. The patience of the Shaykh due to him answering 10 straight questions(1) of Hamzah ‘Abdur Razzaaq and then the questions of the Libyan brothers without pause.
  3. The fairness of the Shaykh due to him giving an opportunity to the Libyan brothers to ask their questions and then answering them.
  4. The Shaykh being diligent and wise in his answers, giving details when needed and being brief out of being mindful of the time.
  5. Even when the Shaykh was brief in his answer, he directed the students to where they can find the details concerning the question at hand from one of his recorded lectures.
  6. He mentioned to the brothers that they have permission to narrate on him from the detailed lectures as if they heard it directly from him.
  7. The Shaykh when answering the questions of the Libyan brothers showed that he was well aware of the "Fiqhul-Waaqi (Current Affairs)" which the Hizbees claim that our scholars are ignorant of. The Shaykh when addressing them showed that he was more aware of things concerning Libya, than the brothers themselves who are actually from there.
  8. After the Shaykh concluded the sitting with the brothers, he continued answering their questions on the way out of the Masjid's door.
  9. The Shaykh afterwards advised the American brothers with holding on to the advice of Shaykh Rabee (hafithahullah). He mentioned that although Shaykh Rabee (hafithahullah) is older than him, that he (Shaykh Rabee) is more vigorous than him and more active in authoring works etc...
  10. The Shaykh mentioned that he and Shaykh Rabee (hafithahullah) are one and that the Shaykh's kalimah is his kalimah.
  11. The Shaykh (hafithahullah) was very concerned about of the affairs of the Dawah and asked the students(2) about their respective Masaajid and Dawah centers and where they are located. We informed him of our Masaajid: Masjid Ahlul-Hadeeth in Philadelphia PA, Masjid al-Bukhaari in West Palm Beach FL and Masjid Nur Allaah NYC. The Shaykh was pleased to hear this news and happy to see the Da’wah spreading.
  12. The Shaykh is very well-informed and had knowledge of the different localities that were mentioned, namely: New York City, Philadelphia and West Palm Beach Florida.
  13. The Shaykh was very patient, kind and caring with the brothers and said, "You are all like my sons, so there's no inconvenience."

(1) Note: After a few questions our noble brother Hamzah ‘Abdur Razaaq asked our Shaikh if that was all the questions he was permitted to ask out of shyness and not wanting to be a burden on the Shaikh. The Shaikh then asked, “Is that all the questions you have?” Hamzah ‘Abdur Razaaq said, “No O Shaikh,” to which the Shaikh replied, “Then give me more, then give me more.”

(2) (Hamzah Abdur Razzaaq, Amin Manning, Abu Abdis Salaam Siddiq and myself).