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Shaykh Muhammad Bin Hadi Is A Person Of Knowledge And Benefit

Verily, I have known the brother Muhammad Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhaly for nearly twenty years. That which I know about him by the power and the might of Allah is that he is a student of knowledge — (rather), a real student of knowledge in truth, seriously seeking knowledge upon the methodology of the righteous predecessors (may Allah be please with them all). This is with that which he has in him and possesses from patience, diligence, and forbearance in seeking the truth and being firm upon it.

Indeed, I debated him in both of his post graduate degrees and our Shaykh Rabee’ supervised him for his masters (degree) and then I supervised his doctoral thesis.

Thus, indeed I have truly found him (to be one) who it is very rare to find a student of knowledge nowadays of his like (and caliber), from those who spread the truth and hasten after it upon the methodology of the Righteous Predecessors (may Allah be pleased with them all). I don’t not praise anyone above Allah because Allah knows best about His creation, just as this has been confirmed upon Mustafa ﷺ that indeed we mention (characteristics) that a man may possess and Allah is his Reckoner.

Additionally, I benefit from him in reality. I present some issues to him and ask him about them. Knowledge is a connection between its people and there is nothing preventing this. I benefit from him for verily he is a person of knowledge and a person of benefit, especially in hadeeth and their hidden weaknesses, Islamic jurisprudence— its fundamental principles and acquiring it, and in particular, the Hanbalee madhhab. I ask Allah for success and guidance. Verily, He is the Most Generous Displayer of Generosity.

And may the peace and blessing be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.