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No Sincere Muslim Would Ever Support Sayyid Quṭb

Shaykh Rabī‘ bin Hādī bin ‘Umayr al-Madkhaly was asked...

What are the things which are specific (and identifying characteristics) of Quṭbiyyah and partisanship because they say, "Allāh said, the Messenger said" and utilize proofs from the narrations and statements of the salaf in order to deceive the people. So how could we know and distinguish them (from other than them)?

The affair of Quṭbiyyah is easy. They are known by alliance to Sayyid Quṭb and their defense of him in falsehood as well as their alliance to the quṭby party and their (aim) to make it dominant over the people of the sunnah. They have many signs which I have (previously) mentioned. Read the books which speak about them that I have written and that which I have written against Sayyid Quṭb. This would give (an individual) insight and strong background knowledge of the reality of these individuals; for indeed they are people of deception and deceit, (some of them) calculatively cloak themselves with salafiyyah (and pretend to be salafy) in their vanguard plot against salafiyyah and it's people. These (quṭby) individuals are not upon the methodology of the salaf whatsoever. They only employ this deception (of being salafy and/or religious) to deceive the people because without this, there would never be any alliance to Sayyid Quṭb because no true (and sincere) muslim would ever support him!