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Oh My Brother You Have Commanded Us With Good Therefore We Obeyed You

August 4th, 2016
Ibn Abdil-Barr
At-Tamheed of Ibn Abdil-Barr 20/106
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

I heard more than one of my Shuyookh mention al-Ghāzī Ibn Qays. When he traveled to al-Madīnah he heard (narrations) from Mālik and read upon Nāfi' al-Qārī. The first time he entered into al-Madīnah, into the Masjid of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ Ibn Abī Di-b entered into the Masjid, sat down and he didn't pray. Al-Ghāzī said to him: "Oh you get up and pray two Raka'ah. Indeed your sitting in the Masjid without praying the two Raka'ah to greet the Masjid is ignorance", or the likes of this harsh statement. Ibn Abī Di-b stood up and prayed two Raka'ah and sat down. When the (obligatory) prayer was over, he propped up his back and the people sat around him (to take knowledge from him). When al-Ghāzī saw that, he felt ashamed, shyness and remorse. He asked about who the man was and it was said: This is Ibn Abī Di-b, one of the jurist of al-Madīnah and the nobles of them. Al-Ghāzī went and apologized to him. Ibn Abī Di-b said to him: Oh my brother, there's no fault upon you. You commanded us with a good therefore we obeyed you.