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Fanaticism and Sanctification of Personalities is not Permissible

[The Shaykh Saalih (hafithahullah) mentioned this statement and story during his lesson on the 21st of Ramdaan 1435 Hijri in the Prophet's Masjid]

Recording and Transcription courtesy of akhoonaa: Abu Abdur Rahmaan Usaamah

[All praise is for Allah, and prayers and blessing be upon the Messenger of Allah, as for what follows:]

The virtuous scholar Saalih bin Sa'd as-Suhaymee- May Allah preserve him- said:

So, fanaticism and sanctification of personalities is not permissible, the men are known based upon the truth and the truth is not that which is known based upon, what? The men.

And there is a position I narrate on our shaykh Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al Albaani- may Allah have mercy upon him- [that he mentioned] when I visited him close to his death by approximately a month and a half. And after I greeted him, someone began to tell [him and] some of the brothers about me, [so] he said: "you acquaint me with the companion of contention in the [affair] of fasting Saturday and the [affair] of [performing] the congregational [prayer] again?" [Meaning the second congregation.] Thus, I said to him: oh shaykh and I have not ceased to [remain] upon this view, consequently, I see [it to] be permissible to [perform] the congregational [prayer] again. And I still view the fasting of Saturday, without fasting [the day] alone to be legislated, in opposition to you, and oh our shaykh you are the one who taught us that.

Hence, he tighten [his grip] on my hand- may Allah have mercy on him- and I have not forgotten the forcefulness of his hand in that moment, (shaykh Saalih began to cry at this point of his lesson), and he [ shaykh al-Albaani ] said: "Like this we want the student of knowledge [to be], like this we want the student of knowledge [to be], not fanatic [towards] me or other than me, so may Allah reward you with good."

And I was present [during] a dispute between him and our shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad al Badr, with each one of them [showing] respect for the other, about the issue of taking [meaning: cutting] that which exceeds the handful [of hair] from the beard and it is a view that the shaykh holds following the narration on Abdillah ibn Umar, [radi Allahu anhumaa] thus we enjoyed this dispute [for] close to two hours, while each one of them [displayed] respect for the other, our shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al Abbaad al Badr and our shaykh Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al Albaani.

When our shaykh Muhammad Naasir ad-Deen al Albaani met with our shaykh Mahmoud at-Tuwayjaree-may Allah have mercy upon him- and there were strong refutations between them about the issue of the hijaab (veil), so when they met each one of them honored his companion [meaning each other]. And when [someone asked] a question each one of them would divert [it] to the other. [Then shaykh Saalih recited a line of poetry:]

These are my fathers/forefathers so [may I] reach the likes of them
When we come together [meaning on the battlefield] oh Jareer, the one who gathers

These unique scholars, those who have departed and as a result of their departure a mighty void [has come about].

[End of shaykh Saalih's statement]