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Photographic Memorabilia

Imām ‘Uthaymīn was asked...

May Allah reward you; the questioner, Hasan Hussein, says: I'm a young man, and I love taking pictures and preserving them. An occasion doesn't pass-by unless I've photographed it for the memories, and I preserve these pictures inside of an album; however, on many occasions, months pass without me ever opening the album to look at the pictures. What's the ruling on these pictures that I've taken and preserving them?

It's obligatory that you repent to Allah ('Azz wa Jall) for your actions, and to burn all of the pictures that you've saved immediately; because it's not permissible to preserve pictures for memory. Therefore, it's upon you to burn the pictures after you've heard what I just told you, and I ask Allah to guide me and you, and for salvation from that which He hates.