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The Reasons for Falling Into Fanaticism and Leaving off Fairness

September 19th, 2016
Imām Muḥammad ibn ‘Aly Ash-Shawkāni (may Allāh have mercy upon him)
أدب الطلب ومنتهى الأرب
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

  1. A person grows up in a land in which its people are distinguished with madhab fanaticism.
  2. The love for nobility and wealth.
  3. The matter of argumentation and debating.
  4. Having fanaticism towards the relatives.
  5. Difficulty in returning back to the truth after believing and speaking with the opposite of it.
  6. The one who has the truth with him is young in age or one who has a small amount of knowledge and is not that famous/well-known.
  7. Beautification of The Shuyookh (of their errors) to their students or the opposite of that.
  8. The dependence upon intellectual principles which oppose the Book and the Sunnah.
  9. The dependence upon the books of those who have with them fanaticism.
  10. Blind following those who have with them fanaticism in the matters of al-Jarh wat-Ta'deel.
  11. Competition between those who are contemporaries in virtue and status.
  12. Covering up the personal views with the sciences of Ijtihaad.