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The Ruling On Men Covering Their Head

Shaykh Rabī‘ bin Hādī bin ‘Umayr al-Madkhaly was asked...

What is the ruling on the covering of the head for the man?

Covering the head during Hajj is not permissible. As for other than Hajj, then one's honor/manhood requires that a person does not roam (out and about) with his head uncovered, and if (a person) is uncovering his head to imitate the disbelievers, then this is an evil affair.

I believe that many of the youth have not come (with the uncovering of the head) except with the blind following of the disbelievers! There were those from amongst the Arabs who uncovered their heads but their hair would be long reaching their shoulders. And we don't say its forbidden to uncover the head but we say in covering the head, there is Honor and Manhood. Specifically in the prayer, a person SHOULD cover his head. Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) rebuked his servant, I think it was Naafi', because he saw him praying with his head uncovered. (Ibn Umar) said to him (quoting) the meaning of the speech, "With this appearance, would you (be willing to) meet the Noble ones?" he said, "No." So (Ibn Umar) said, "Your Lord is more worthy of being glorified".

"{O Children of Adam take your adornments (with you) to every Masjid.}"

The covering of the head is from beautification without a doubt - may Allah bless you - and if the uncovering of the head is for something ordinary which has no form of blindly following nor imitating the disbelievers, then we cannot forbid it. However, we (can) say that it is more deserving and more honorable to cover your head. Specifically if one is walking in the market places with his head uncovered, this is not befitting!

I remember when this phenomenon (of uncovering of the heads) began to appear in some lands - in Jordan and other than it . King Abdullah (The King of Jordan) wrote a good treatise. I read it, and (now) it's lost and no longer with me. It was about the uncovering of the heads. He (King Abdullah of Jordan the 1st) spoke about it from the aspect that they have imitated the disbelievers and he emphasized (that they are imitating the disbelievers by uncovering the heads). He is right. When one uncovers his head and wears ties and pants and the women wear adornments so they can blindly follow the enemies of Allah, (then this) by Allah is a humiliation and a shame for the Muslims. 

By Allah, the Muslims have a most complete and perfect 'Aqeedah (Creed) and we don't say (merely) more complete, for that is not what is meant. (We don't say this because such would imply) that they (the disbelievers) have an 'Aqeedah (i.e. a legitimate creed). They don't have anything with them except SHIRK (Polytheism). So we say the Muslims are the most correct 'Aqeedah, their (the Muslims) 'Aqeedah is the truth and likewise is their manners/etiquettes which they have inherited from Islam. By Allah, it is upon all of the other nations to follow the Muslims and to take on their manners/etiquette and to take their habits because (the Muslims) have the greatest manners/etiquettes and the most noble habits. (This is) because they are taken from Islam. The manners/etiquettes which the Arabs were distinguished with in their pre-islamic days of ignorance, their dress was better than other then them and their jealousy for their women - Maa Shaa'Allah - was present so much so that a person would slaughter his daughter for the fear of shame. (Undoubtedly) this is extremism (that they slaughtered their daughters fearing shame) out of jealousy (for their women); nevertheless, the foundation of jealousy (over one's women) is praiseworthy. The Prophet ‎ﷺ said,

Does it amaze you the jealousy of S'ad? By Allah, I am more jealous than him and Allah is more jealous than me. Because of the jealousy of Allah He has forbidden all illegal (sexual acts etc), that which is hidden and that which is apparent.

Illegal (sexual/lewd acts etc) are now being spread O my brothers amongst the Muslims because of blindly following the WEST! The women have became immoral (as it is known that western women are immoral) and the clothing of the men has become like the clothing of the Jews and the Christians until you will even see in some countries that you are unable to differentiate between the Jews, Christians, Communists and Muslims (in the manner in which they dress)! (You will find) that their clothing is all one, both men and women unfortunately. It's obligatory for the Muslim to be different/distinguished in his eating, his drinking, his sleeping, his riding, his sitting, his dress code and in every thing else. IT IS OBLIGATORY TO BE DIFFERENT FROM THE DISBELIEVER. So much so that Umar (the second Khaalifah) and the companions who were with him, when they made a treaty with those people who were under their protection they stipulated on the (disbelievers) certain conditions. They stipulated conditions upon them so that they would be distinguished from the Muslims and the Muslims would be distinguished from them. While they are under our protection it is obligatory to be distinguished from them, The Messenger of Allah ‎(ﷺ said),

Do not initiate the greetings with the Jews nor the Christians. If you meet them upon a path then compel them to the narrowest part of it.

How? Meaning they pay the Jizyah (their protection money) for their protection while they are humiliated and disgraced. This type of humiliation, why? For superiority? No, because the likes of these affairs will take away their honor until they enter Islam. Thus, because of this, most of the Jews during that time entered into the Arab lands and most of the Christians entered into Islam. Some people - even though they are humiliated - their (false) sense of honor makes them remain humiliated (and not change). So then he implores and searches for a way out and a way out with him is happiness and honor and glory in this life and the next. However, due to their distorted ugly belief, he (the Kafir) burdens himself with this humiliation!? (If the Muslims are firm upon the truth) he (the disbeliever) may ponder and ponder until he realizes that Islam is the truth. Therefore, it is binding upon the Muslims to deal with (the disbeliever in a manner taught by Islam) so he may leave his evil state of confusion.*

*From the ways that this is accomplished is by being distinct and different from the disbelievers. Whereas imitating them will plunge them further into confusion and cause them to believe that their way is correct due to the fact that even the Muslims imitate them. Thus, it is binding upon us that we are distinct from them in that which is particular to them.