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The Scholars Don't Care About The Affairs In The West??!!

August 31st, 2017
Shaykh Abdur Rahman Al-Umaysaan
Hisham Abouzeid

Shaykh Abdur Rahman Al-Umaysaan was asked...

What [is our position regarding] Mufti Muneer['s statement] that the [scholars] don't miss their tea and dates over the problems we face in Western countries (... in other words saying that the [scholars] don't care about the affairs in the west)?

This speech is falsehood. The scholars, may Allah preserve them, have busied themselves, spent their wealth, and opened their doors night and day in order to deal with the problems of the West, likewise deal with rectifying the affairs between brothers from the West and to defend them and preserve their honor.

I am intimately acquainted with these matters. This is either the speech of an ignorant person or one who is ungrateful towards the good he has received. We seek refuge in Allah from turning away from the truth after knowing it.

I give permission to spread it.