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Skirts and Blouses

Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-‘Azīz Āl-ish-Shaykh (may Allāh preserve him) was asked...

A prevalent amount of women wear skirts and blouses, they are a little tight but neither transparent nor short. What is the ruling on this type of clothing, and what advise can you give to the women with regards to their clothing?

It is pertinent that the Muslim women fear Allah in their dress. Her clothing should be clothing that covers her, the garment should not be transparent; rather, it should be coarse (i.e. thick). You should fear Allah in your dress and beware of going out to tempt men. Rather, even be wary in the sister’s gatherings for perhaps you may be afflicted by the evil eye from the jealous and malice sisters (who may be in attendance). Therefore, covering and being modest is from the reasons that people will gain respect and dignity for you (the Muslim woman), while the absence of courage (and modesty) leads to immorality and evil vile acts being done to you.