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Speak the Truth Even if it is Against Yourself!

February 27th, 2015
Shaykh Sālih Al-Fawzān
Abu Abdil-Alim Amin Manning al-Makki

Shaykh Sālih Al-Fawzān was asked...

Your Excellency this questioner says: I came across a small book that your eminence had put forth [and] therein was invaluable information, warnings from specific people by their names and [mentioning that] truly they are people of innovation and misguidance. And I have benefited from it, but I found that [there are] those who say, "That indeed this small book [or article] stirs up fitnah and it reviles the scholars. Thus, it is upon you to avoid reading it." What does your eminence instruct [me with in this affair]?

I do not free (or excluded) myself from error nor do I praise myself, rather it is possible for me to make a mistake, but if you find therein (meaning: in this article or small book) a mistake that is in opposition to the Book and the Sunnah, then bring it to my attention.

As for writing that which suits the desires and fearing or having pity for other people, this is not permissible, this is from injustice. Speak the truth even if it is against yourself oh my brother!

I am prepared, if you find an error in this book, then put it down in writing and send it to me. I am prepared to recant from it, in sha Allah. As for [one] merely not agreeing with your whims or the whims of so and so, [then] this is not a measuring stick for the books of the people of knowledge.

In spite of our Shaykh's high scholastic level of knowledge and position of authority, etc,(Allahumma baarik 'alayhi) he is humble, not arrogant or amazed with himself and this is from the fruits of beneficial knowledge as Imaam as-Sa'di and other scholars have mentioned.