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Speak The Truth, Don't Fear The People Nor Lie Upon The Innocent

August 4th, 2016
Imaam Al Albaanee
As Silsilatus Saheehah (Vol.1 pg.168 & pg.322)
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

The Prophet (ﷺ) said (what means),

A man should not allow the fear of the people to prevent him from speaking the truth if he knows it, has witnessed it or heard it.

The great scholar of Hadeeth of this area, Imaam Al Albaanee (rahimahullah) said,

In this Hadeeth there is an emphasized prohibition on hiding the truth out of fear of the people, or due to greed for wordy possessions, (which makes him hide the truth out of fear of losing them). Whoever (hides the truth because they) fear abuse from people with any type of abuse that may be: like them hitting him, verbally abusing him or cutting off his livelihood; or he fears that they will not respect him and similar to this, then verily he enters into this prohibition and he has gone against the Prophet (ﷺ). This will be the case if he were to (merely) hide the truth that he knows. So now what about the case if he were to not only suffice himself with (hiding the truth), but rather, he (went to the extent) of falsely testifying against innocent Muslims, launching against them false accusations as relates to their religion and creed. (All of this) to appease the lowly ones, or out of fear that they would in turn accuse him with falsehood if he were not to agree with them upon their misguidance and upon their false accusations.

O Allah fortify us upon the truth, and if you intend for your slaves Fitnah, take us unto You while we are not affected by the Fitnah.