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A Statement On The Sa'aafiqah By The Noble Scholar Shaykh Muhammad Bin Hadi

August 13th, 2018
Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadi Al Madkhali
Kalimah Tawjīhiyyah Lit-Tullāb Fī Madīnah Bātinah
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādi حفظه الله stated:

As for the Sa'āfiqah, no by Allāh, no by Allāh. [I swear] by Allāh that we will never gather together with them until they repent from that which they are upon and return back to the truth. If they don't repent from that which they are upon we're going to make every effort to expose them, clarify their deviation, clarify their ignorance, clarify their misguidance, and clarify their evil and fitnah for the people in every place in order that they be made aware of them. Indeed they have ascended over much of the Da'wah and caused corruption within it. No shaykh or 'ālim is safe from them, except in rare cases. And if it wasn't for some of the people of knowledge having a [high] position, they [also] would not be safe from them.