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Stories from the Torah and the Injeel?

Shaykh ‘Abd-ul-‘Azīz Āl-ish-Shaykh (may Allāh preserve him) was asked...

Is it permissible to use the stories of the Prophets from the Injeel and Torah and other than that from the books which contain stories and such from the previous nation (i.e. Al Israa’eeleeyaat)?

Allah (Jalla Wa ‘Ala) says,

Alif-Laam-Raa. These are the Verses of the Clear Book (the Qur'an that makes clear the legal and illegal things, legal laws, a guidance and a blessing). Verily, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an in order that you may understand. We relate unto you (Muhammad) the best of stories through Our Revelations unto you, of this Qur'an. And before this (i.e. before the coming of Divine Inspiration to you), you were among those who knew nothing about it (the Qur'an). (Yusuf: 1-3)

Allah also says,

This is of the news of the unseen which We reveal unto you (O Muhammad), neither you nor your people knew them before this. (Hud: 49)

The stories in the Qur’an free us from needing other than them. Thus, we are in no need of the Torah, the Injeel nor any other book. We believe that the previously revealed books (as revealed, in contrast to that which is currently present) are the truth which Allah sent down to the Prophets (‘alaihimus salaat wa salaam); however, Allah has freed us by way of the Qur’an and the stories contained therein from needing any other book. The stories in the Qur’an are true, Allah says,

Verily! This is the true narrative and none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allah.(Aali Imran: 62)

So it is imperative that we take examples, narratives and lessons from this magnificent book (the Qur’an). As far as the previously revealed books, their time has elapsed and will never return because Allah (Jalla Wa ‘Ala) has combined their meaning (and message) in the Qur’an; (thus, we are in no need of them). The Qur’an has superseded and replaced all previously revealed books; thus we are sufficed with the Qur’an and what it contains from stories and information.