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A Student of Knowledge MUST Be On His Uppermost Guard When Dealing With Women.

September 19th, 2015
Shaykh Usaamah al-‘Amri
From a Sitting After Dinner in the House of Shaikh Usaamah Al 'Amree (hafithahullah) 7th of Rajab 1435 Umrah Trip
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

Shaikh Usaamah Al 'Amree gave beautiful words of advice to the students of knowledge with regards to how to deal with women in the community when they come with complaints and/or requests. The Shaikh (hafithaullah) said,

It is upon the student of knowledge to be on his uppermost guard as relates to the women. If a woman comes he should not talk to her by himself but rather he should bring with him two brothers -so that they the men- are three and then all of the should listen to what she has to say. They should keep their heads down and not look at her but rather they should look down and lower their gaze. They should be on their upmost guard as relates to women.

The Salaf were scared of the fitnah of the women. You find from them statements like,

I will feel safe that you entrust me with all of the money in the world or that which is in the national reserve but I will not feel safe that you entrust me to a woman.

These were great Imaams who had Imaan and great knowledge. They were people of worship, standing at night in prayer, fasting the days, standing in the front row and they strove to get there early and they had this fear. What a about us, we come late to the prayer and we fall short in these areas?! We are not on the same level of these Imaams. Therefore, what about us; how is it that we are not scared and we have within us various kinds of behavioral sicknesses?! The student of knowledge must be on his uppermost guard as relates to the women.

Those who were present:

Shaikh Fu'aad Al 'Amree
Abu Ziyaad Ahmad Hamdaan
Ameen Manning
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
And others...