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The Sufis Of The Sa'afiqah

July 12th, 2019
Shaykh Abu Abdil-'Alaa Khaalid Ibn Muhammad Uthmaan al-Misree (hafithahullah)
إبطال الغلو الشنيع في الشيخ ربيع
Najeeb Al Anjelesi

Among the propaganda of this current fitna (i.e. The Sa'aafiqah) are emerging phrases deemed as repulsive fanaticism towards Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi, from that which the Sheikh himself would not be pleased with, if these phrases reached him. Among them are as follows:

  1. Hafidh Ahwaari Al Maghribi's statement: Sheikh Rabee, the condition of men are not hidden from him, thus he is the knower of the unseen and of what the hearts conceal. He distinguishes between the liar and the truthful, thus whoever believes what's contrary to that has reviled the Sheikh.
  2. One among them's statement: If Ferkous is the most knowledgeable concerning Algeria's current affairs, then Sheikh Rabee is the most knowledgeable concerning the world in its entirety's current affairs.
  3. Ahmad Ubaydah Al Jazaa'iri's speech: Do not be grief stricken as all are naked except whomever the illustrious scholar Rabee covers.
  4. Abu Abdillah Al Hashimi: Cling to Sheikh Rabee, indeed he is from the major scholars. Hence, I swear by Allah, he is from the trustworthy handhold of that which Allah praise is bestowed -on account of- clinging to it.
  5. Abul-Buraa Al Maghribi: Everyone's speech is accepted or rejected except the inhabitant of this grave (i.e. The Prophet -sallahu alayhi wa sallam), and Rabee-us-Sunnah during times of fitna because he follows the last of prophets and messengers.
  6. Abu Abdillah Salim Al-Libi: Everyone's speech is accepted or rejected except Sheikh Rabee.
  7. Ahmad Nadir: I swear by the Lord of the Ka'bah you lie! Everyone who harms Sheikh Rabee Al-Madkhali consequently exits Allah's religion, is disobedient to the Lord of all that exist, and is an enemy to the Muslims.
  8. Abdullah Khayri: During this fitna, be with Sheikh Rabee, so as not to be lost.
  9. Muhammad Husayn: Go to Sheikh Rabee and -in order to- repent to Allah.
  10. Muhammad Iliyyin: O brothers! I summon you to witness that indeed I am with Sheikh Rabee ibn Haadi, may Allah preserve him, with respect to his speech, acknowledgements, judgments, warnings, and clarifications. Indeed I accept the judgments emanating from him regardless if it be tabdi, takfir, warning, or alienation. All of it I accept, in general and specific. Furthermore, I affirm its correctness regardless if I have seen the proof or not, and regardless if I know the gist of the speech or not...

These statements are even worse than the statements of fanaticism made towards Hajuri during that fitna. For this reason Sheikh Khalid puts forth a praiseworthy effort in repelling this foolishness, from his rebuttal is the following:

If Sheikh Rabee -may Allah spare him from the evil of these radical fanatics- is the knower of the unseen and what the hearts conceal, he covers the naked, and is the most knowledgeable concerning the current affairs of the whole world, then certainly he has been described with qualities of divinity. Thus the speech of these people are insinuations against him similar to the radical fanatics of the Shia for their imams, and the Sufis for their scholars.

And if Sheikh Rabee -may Allah spare him from the evil of these radical fanatics- is from the trustworthy handhold, and everyone's speech is accepted or rejected except Allah's Messenger -sallahu alayhi wa sallam- and Sheikh Rabee's, whoever brings harm towards him consequently exits Allah's religion, if you want to repent then binding upon you is to go to him in order to repent to Allah, and if his speech is accepted in general and specific, it is affirmed to be correct whether you looked at his proof or not, or whether you know the gist of his speech or not, then certainly Sheikh Rabee has now become on the level of the Prophet -sallahu alayhi wa sallam- as there is for him (i.e. Sheikh Rabee by way of these descriptions) rights of the Prophet -sallahu alayhi wa sallam- being specified for him.

Thus Sheikh Khalid is right when saying about these radical fanatics among the Sa'aafiqah, "For this reason it is correct for me to dub these radical fanatics as the Sufis of the Sa'aafiqah." As the fanatics have resembled them to the letter with regards to their out of bounds fanaticism towards Sheikh Rabee, in which we hear no disapproval from others among the Sa'aafiqah who have clearly called to blind following of Sheikh Rabee, but have not reached this level of extremism. May Allah guide us.