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Tajweed: It's Meaning, Goal, and Ruling

March 17th, 2022
Shaikh Ahmad Shakir (rahimahullah)
An Adaptation Of Beneficial Guidance in the Tajweed Science By Shaikh Muhammad Al Mahmood (Famously known as Abu Reemah)
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

Q: What is the meaning of "tajweed" linguistically and in the context of "the science of tajweed"?

A: Linguistically, tajweed means to perform something good and in an excellent manner. Tajweed in the context of "the science of tajweed" is the knowledge by way of which one knows how to give each letter its inherited and appropriate right in each and every situation, from its characteristics, length, lightness, strength, and other than that.

Q: What is the goal of tajweed?

A: The goal of tajweed is to safeguard ones tongue from making mistakes when reciting the Book of Allah.

Q: What is the legislated Islaamic ruling on learning and implementing the science of tajweed?

A: Learning the science of tajweed is fard kifaayah (a responsibility of the Muslim community as a whole). Acting upon its rules and regulations, however, is an individual responsibility upon every accountable (pubescent, mentally sound) Muslim man and woman who wishes to recite anything from the Qur’an.