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A Tazkiyyah From Major Scholars Is Not A Condition To Teach

August 23rd, 2016
Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jābiry
Al-Ajwibah al-Jābiriyyah ‘alā al-’As’ilah al-Maghribiyyah
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

It is not a condition for the one who sits and teaches his brothers from that which Allāh has taught him that he has a tazkiyyah (praise) from major scholars. Rather it is sufficient that he has with him acquired knowledge that he has taken from scholars or from students of scholars. Or he has with him memorization by which he has the ability to abridge the speech of the scholars by which Allāh benefits by way of him his brothers in that which he sees. As for seeking tazkiyyāt (praises) and it is/has to be from major scholars, this is from inflexibility/stringency.