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The End for Those who Speak ill of the Carriers of Knowledge is Humiliation!

No one speaks ill of the scholars of the Sunnah, their methodology, their ʿaqīdah, and casts doubt with regards to their uṣūl (beliefs) - rather, as well as their religion - except that Allāh humiliates them. And Allāh may trial some of His servants by way of this person (i.e. the one who speaks ill of the scholars) for a period of time, however his end will be humiliation and dustbins of history. So, reflect, O people of understanding, upon the past and the present. Hold firmly to the rope of the Book and the Sunnah, and revere the scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah. Be cautious of those who cast doubts in the religion.

Translator's Comments: This is the sad fate of those who have moistened their tongues and exhausted their fingers in their slanders, attacks, and lies against the salafī scholars. How true is the warning of Shaykh Sulaymān (may Allāh preserve him)! We have been witnessing those who used to chant, “Clarity! Clarity! Clarity!” being humiliated by Allāh by quoting and referring to Khārijī sympathizers and those whom the Sunnah is not even apparent on their faces, let alone in their actions! Those who wish to replace the likes of Muḥammad bin Hādī and Muḥammad Alī Ferkous (may Allāh protect them both from the plotters and schemers) - two senior scholars of Islam - with individuals who have numerous errors in ʿaqīdah and manhaj. If this is not humiliation, I do not know what is! However, just like those of the past, as is not new or strange to those who have been around long enough, this is the result of those who let their tongues loose on the scholars of Islam. Reflect over the state of these individuals, O salafī, and do not choose for yourself what they have chosen for themselves lest you be humiliated alongside them!