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Labelling Them "The Well-Known Callers"

July 29th, 2016
Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadi Al Madkhali
Dawrah Hafr al-Baatin 1437
Abu Dihyah Dawud Adib

اليوم عندنا مصطلح يسمونه "الدعاة المشاهير"

فإذا جئت لهؤلاء الدعاة المشاهير تجد الموبقات والمناكير

Today, we have some technical terminologies [being utilized to distinguish certain people] which they have coined, "The Well-Known Callers".

However, if you were to approach these "Well-Known Callers" [taking a closer look at them] you will find [with them] dangerous, destructive and reprehensible matters.