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Verbally Abusing the Scholars?

Shaykh Zayd Al Madkhalee was asked...

Oh noble Shaykh, what is your advice to some of the students of knowledge who verbally abuse the scholars who have outwardly made criticism upon the people of innovation. What is your advice for these individuals?

This is very strange that there are students of knowledge who defame the honor of the scholars who are diligent in reviving the Sunnah and eradicating innovation.

Those whom the questioner has mentioned as being students of knowledge, our advice which we direct to them is, that they should ask the people of knowledge regarding the affairs that are problematic for them. At the forefront of the people of knowledge whom it is upon them to ask is the Permanent Committee of Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also upon them to fear Allaah and not be taken by the blind following of the Khawaarij of this time. Also they should not be taken by the fiery emotions in a manner that is not proper and as a result of that fall into that which will bring about harm upon them in their religion and worldly affairs. An example (for what I'm saying), is if they (the students of knowledge) understand that so and so scholar has made a mistake in a matter, the best way (to address this matter) is that they call him. Allaah has made in this day and time the means of contact to be in abundance and easy. They should call and say: “What did you intend (or mean) by that (which you said)? What is the evidence (for what you said)?” This can be done with the condition that the questioner is one who is seeking the truth and benefit (not fit-nah). If that's done, the questioner will find (from the response of the scholar) that which will cure the ailment and quench the thirst. As for him (the student/questioner) depending upon his own understanding, verbally abusing and attacking (the scholars) based upon his misunderstanding, this is from deviance and misguidance. We seek the protection with Allaah for them from the devils of mankind and the jinn overtaking them; then (as a result of that) they persist upon their deviating from the truth and being staunch (upon that) aiding a newly invented methodology or a founder of (a deviant group) or any newly invented group.

The Prophet ﷺ has directed (us) to ask the question (when we don't know). He said (what means):

Indeed the cure for ignorance is the question.

Therefore, it is upon them (the students/those in question) to ask those whose knowledge they trust.

I always direct the students (who are like) my children and colleagues to call the scholars regarding that which is problematic for them and present to them that which they want (to understand) and they will find a good solution inshaa Allaah.

It is also upon them to make good their intentions in the matter of seeking knowledge, acting according to it, repelling that which is falsehood and refuting it. That is because the truth has more right to be followed and falsehood has more right to be abandoned.

This is my advice for them. May Allaah give me and them the success to attain all of that which is good and keep us away from all of that which is a fit-nah and evil.