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Be Firm Upon the Sunnah and Beware of Haddaadiyyah

April 23rd, 2016
Shaikh Muhammad Bin Rabee' Al-Madkhali (hafithahullah)
@IstiqamahHajj: Benefits from the Gathering of Shaikh Muhammad Bin Rabee' Al Madkhalee (hafithahullah) which took place in the home of the Shaikh on the 5th of Rajab 1437/12th of April 2016
Abu 'Abdis Salaam Al Juyaanee

Shaikh Muhammad Bin Rabee' Al Madkhalee (hafithahullah) advised us with a tremendous word of advice, the Shaikh (hafithahullah) said,

I advise you brothers to stick to the Sunnah, hold on to it and don't waiver. Be firm upon the Sunnah and beware of the Haddaadiyyah (those Hizbees who are extreme and accuse Ahlus Sunnah of being people of Bid'ah due to mistakes). Beware of those who are extreme and harsh in their treatment of their Salafy brothers and unjustly accuse them of Tamyee' (being too soft and watering-down the Da'wah). Be firm upon the Sunnah and don't waiver!

From those who were present:

  • Shaikh Usaamah Al 'Utaybee
  • Abu Muhammad Naadir Al Jamaykee
  • Abu Yusuf Khaleeah
  • Tariq Bin Saidi
  • Dawud Pearson
  • Myself (Siddiq)
  • Others