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Who is the Extremist?

September 27th, 2017
Imaam Muqbil
Taken from the Tape: أسئلة شباب قرية السعيد
Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

Imaam Muqbil was asked...

Who is the extremist?

Extremism/harshness is (that a person) makes prohibited upon the people something that Allah didn't make prohibited and he obligates upon the people something which Allah didn't obligate. This is extremism/harshness (in the religion). As for holding on to the religion (as it has been revealed), this is not considered extremism (in the religion).

من هو المتشدد؟ قال الإمام مقبل الوادعي رحمه الله: التشدد هو: أن يحرم على الناس شيئا ما حرمه ﷲ. ويوجب على الناس شيئا ما أوجبه ﷲ. هذا هو التشدد. أما التمسك بالدين فلا يعد تشدداً. شريط : أسئلة شباب قرية السعيد